18 Weeks Pregnant

The Infant’s Development

18 Weeks Pregnant

If your pregnancy now enters the 18-week period, it means that the infant will continuously pass through the rapid development.

There is indeed a long trip that you have been experienced before starting from the efforts to get pregnant to this time when the infant is already 18 weeks old. The good news is that the symptoms are not that bad. In the 18th week of pregnancy, your body has been successfully adapted with the pregnancy condition.

But of course, it is still important to be really careful. Being more aware of what you do and consume is necessary to make sure that the baby will be born in a healthy condition. So do you, the mom.

So, what happens to the infant during the 18 weeks of pregnancy? Here are the explanations.

18 Weeks pregnant symptoms and What to Do

As it has been mentioned before, consuming healthy and nutritious foods is an important thing to do. Some kinds of nutrition important to consume are vitamin A, Calcium, Omega 3, protein, and iron. They can be simply found from ingredients like milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. If it is necessary, supplements are also recommended.

18 weeks pregnant

The mom also must always be hydrated well. Drinking more mineral water can avoid problems like the bleeding nose and the damage in the nose’s membranes. Besides, it is important to avoid polluted environments like those with smoke. Although the effects cannot be directly seen, a clean environment is expected to help the mom and baby to be healthier until the labor.

Aside from that, it is common for the mom to feel stressed when the labor is getting closer. So, to relieve it, you can join a pregnancy class where you can share your problems, even starting from the 14 weeks of pregnancy. You also need to do some activities like yoga to make the 18 weeks pregnant belly more comfortable. Don’t forget to checkup your conditions regularly in the obstetricians. Supports from the husband, family, and friends are needed to make you more relaxed in passing through this period.

The Sex is already recognized through 18 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The 18th week of the pregnancy is considered the best time to do some checkups including the ultrasound. The sex has also been formed and even recognized in this 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Besides, you can also use this period to check whether the gestational age is already accurate or not.

The Increasing of Infant’s Length and Weight

In general, the bones of the infant that have been formed before are getting stronger and sturdier. Initially, those bones are still likely the cartilages that are quite soft and fragile. In this week, the structure is harder.

Meanwhile, the body of the infant is also getting longer up to 14 cm. Indeed, it depends on many factors including the genetic one. But in other words, there is a significant development of the infant’s body. Not only is it about the baby’s length that is getting longer, even the height is also increased, up to around 200 grams.

18 weeks pregnant belly

The Development of the Hearing System

The inner bones of the hearing system are formed along with the edges of the nerves. Believe or not, it makes the baby can actually hear anything around although not really clear. This development is really significant since before this period, the ears are only likely small bumps on the sides of the head.

The Development of the Brain

This is one of the clearest reasons why the mum must keep eating healthily during this period. Although it was started from the previous periods, the development of the brain is still rapid in the 18 weeks pregnant.

There is a formation of connectors among the nerve cells in the brain as well as the spinal cords. It is signed by some movements that are detected by the mom. To support the development of the cognitive and motor movements, make sure that the mom consumes more foods with DHA content.

The Formation of Blood Vessels

More than that, the blood vessels are started to be visible on the skin’s surface. It also means that the blood system in the infant’s body has been started to work. In general, it makes the infant just like the normal baby that has been born, but the size is still much smaller.

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