14 Weeks Pregnant

Fun Facts of Week 14 of the Pregnancy

14 Weeks Pregnant

Week 14 pregnancy, it means that the infant has entered the second trimester. In this period, the baby’s growth is really fast. That’s why; the obstetricians and experts must suggest consuming some types of foods with nutrition. Besides, there are some other things to do to keep the baby healthy.

But, how does actually the pregnancy of 14th week look like? Here are some facts you need to know.

The hair starts to grow

The biggest growth and development of the 14 week-old infants is the hair which starts to grow. It is as the continuity of the head’s development. Not only is it the hair on the head, but also the tiny and smooth hair all over the body and even the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Uniquely, there is also the hair namely Logona that is grown on the lower part of infant’s body. But the hair will be removed after that and then completely disappeared when the baby is born.

The Faster Growth of Other Body’s Parts Aside from the Head

The head and brain is on its fastest development during the first semester. Then, during the 14 weeks of pregnancy, there is only the hair on that part. However, other body parts are surprisingly developed faster.

An example is the hands that look proportional by following the size of the body. It is also followed by the growth of somebody organs to support the infant’s metabolism in the womb.

Understanding Some Expressions

Do you know that the baby already understands some expressions ever since he or she was in your womb? In this period, this development does start to happen. The nerves of the face start to be moved. As a result, the infant is able to practice some expressions due to the signals sent to the brain.

The most common expression to see is when the infant sucks its thumb. There are actually some other expressions by the baby but they are usually not clearly seen by the USG.

The internal organs start to work

Despite the development of the outer parts of the body, the inner organs also start to work. Even the kidneys are actually already able to produce the urine and release it to the liquid around the infant.

In the other parts, the liver also starts to produce the bile. Meanwhile, the lymph also starts to produce the red blood cells and some more.14 weeks pregnant

Responding to the Amniotic Fluid

It can be said that the amniotic fluid is the main source of foods for the infant. It also functions to protect the infant during the pregnancy.

Well, in the 14th week of the pregnancy, the baby starts to swallow the amniotic fluid directly little by little. The liquid that has been swallowed then enters the stomach and it is processed by the kidneys. Next, it is streamed by the body and released in the form of urine.

Face Formation

The face also starts to form and even it can be clearly seen through the USG method. When the eyes positions tend to be lower in the previous period, they start on the right place this time. Meanwhile, the ears are also already near the neck, the right and the left side.

Amazingly, even the jaws have been formed perfectly. In short, it is possible for you to see the face of your baby only in its first 14th week.

The womb is getting bigger and bigger

This period also signs the very fast development of the womb. It is even noted that averagely. The size of women’s womb in their 14 weeks of pregnancy is around 14 cm starting from the top to the edge of genital bones.

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