13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulation! You’ve passed through the first trimester. This is not only talking about your morning sickness, fatigue during your meeting, then this article is talking about how your are now reach 1/3 in the way of your pregnancy. At this 13 weeks pregnant, you have grown a fetus which been completed with vocal cords and even fingerprints.

When your reached 13 weeks pregnant, then you might realize that your symptoms are changed a little bit. You passed through nausea and see your belly, then you can see the blue lines on it. It is so wonderful, even in this phase, you might know your baby’s gender. This is also a right time you gain more weight in a healthy way and back to your exercise routine.

During week 13 pregnancy, there are many parents to begin to share a great joy that there is a baby on the way. But, you should know that there are no hard and fast rules in how you can divulge your secret. It can be after your next prenatal schedule after you start to show it or in the family event when all of the lovable people were gathering together.

How big is your baby at 13 weeks pregnant?

How big is your baby at 13 weeks pregnant
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When reached 13 weeks pregnant, then your baby has a similar size as lemon fruit. Your fetus has about 2.9 inches long and weight about 8.1 ounces. And her or his head was around 1/3 at the size of a body. Weeks 13 pregnant means that you are in 3 months pregnant. So, this is the last week of your first trimester and enter 2nd-trimester pregnancy.

Here, 13 weeks pregnant symptoms

You might note that around your week 13 pregnant, then your symptoms were changed a bit. You are really passed the day without nausea, if not now, then you will be there soon – or you just feel the need of taking nap. However, you might be the experience of these symptoms below:

  • You can see your veins and you can see all of these blue lines under your skin because you have increased the blood flow
  • Increasing the sex drive, if you are one of the lucky pregnant women who feels like you are rolling up in the hay, then you can enjoy it. You may find out a slight spotting or post-coital during pregnancy on week 12 pregnancy. If you find out light spotting then it’s normal because your cervix becomes more sensitive. However the heavy bleeding like you are in the period should be an emergency call, so call your doctor soon
  • Increasing your energy, the second trimester was known as the least symptomatic which is most energetic as well. When you feel like you more than yourself and having energy sure, then you want to do many things on the list. Plus, if you find out that you are too sick and feeling tired to exercise recently, then this is the best time to back on your fitness routine now

However, if you twins mother to be and you are at weeks 13 pregnant, then you might still experience the morning sickness and fatigue as well. This is because the twins mother has more pregnancy hormone hCG in their systems. If you feeling vomiting and nausea, ensure that you called your doctor.

How is your 13 weeks pregnant belly?

13 weeks pregnant belly
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Your uterus is getting big enough now and out of your pelvis as well. It means that you are really looked pregnant. As mentioned before that you are in a third way through and finally, you get a seat in the crowded bus. You might expect to look more and more pregnant because at this stage then you will get a call to get weight gain increase as well. Your doctor will recommend you to gain more weight with the healthiest way – it means that you should be steadily and slowly throughout your pregnancy.

13 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

In this week 13 pregnancy, then you can detect your baby’s gender – however, it can be so hard to find out the little girl or boy parts, your doctor might ask you to wait until the mid-pregnancy ultrasound, usually around 18 until 22 weeks pregnant. It feels like “your happiness is the first pregnancy ultrasound”

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