12 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby as Big as Plum

12 Weeks Pregnant

Anything is changing so fast when you reached 12 weeks pregnant. You are reaching at the home of the first trimester, it means that your hormone might be slightly down – that makes you feel lesser pregnancy symptoms. This things also mean that you are ready to share this great news with family and friends as well. This is an exciting moment for you.

How big your baby at 12 weeks pregnant?

How big your baby at 12 weeks pregnant
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When you reached weeks twelve pregnant, as mentioned above that your baby is as big as a plum. The average size of the fetus at weeks 12 pregnant is around 2.1 inches long and 49 pounds as well. Now, your baby having much all of her or his necessary organs, then her or his main job is keeping growing. On the weeks 12 pregnant, then you are in the last week or your third month pregnant. It was said that you would be three months pregnant around at the end of 12 weeks pregnant.

Things to know about 12 weeks pregnant symptoms

This is a great news about week 12 pregnant symptoms: your fatigue and morning sickness might be fade away slowly as you hormones getting to calm down however, dizziness and headaches might replace them. Here further information about what’s happening in your body when reached week 12 pregnant:
• You might still spotting, spotting or bleeding during your week 12 pregnant can be worrisome – or it was nothing at all. Such as your cervix becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, therefore when you having sex can cause the light bleeding which is harmless – do not worry about that. But, if your spotting came along with bleeding, then tell your doctor. If your bleeding was accompanied by severe cramp, this is an emergency call
• Increased discharge, you might think that clear discharge may seem weird, but that’s normal dan have a necessary aim: protecting your vagina from any infection. However, if you found out greenish, yellow, brown or pink discharge during your week 12 pregnant, then you should call your doctor as soon as possible. These colors can be a sign of infection or even preterm labor
• Dizziness, at this point you will get hormone shifts and blood pressure can make you feel dizzy around week 12 pregnant. You can help to avoid this dizziness by snacking regularly and drink a lot of water. You are able to sit or lie down if you feeling dizzy and let your doctor know about your serious bouts
• You feeling headaches, it might start to intensify around your week 12 pregnant. A headache might be caused by hormonal shifts, lack of sleep, stress, lower blood sugar or even dehydration. To deal with it, then you can try to avoid the triggering. If any drastic increase during your headaches that you never experienced before, then you should tell your doctor.

12 Weeks Pregnant Belly

12 Weeks Pregnant Belly
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At the 12 weeks, then your pregnant stomach has an official bump. In another word, it might be noticeable for now. This is also a reason why many moms to start to tell others that they are pregnant. If you have done yet, then you can start to take a picture of your pregnant belly right away. You should know that after pregnancy, then you will want to get this great moment on how much your body had changed during the nine months, even before getting pregnant. So, “this is your great journey between you and me becomes your special memories of pregnancy”

12 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

As mentioned before that your baby in this stage was almost done developing several necessary parts, which is means that anything getting bigger and mature from this stage. Of course, your baby will enter the growth and maturation phase where all of organs and tissues will develop rapidly especially after 13 weeks pregnant.

Let’s Go Weeks 13 〉〉

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