11 Weeks Pregnant

11 Weeks Pregnant

In this week, the fetus grows bigger about 1.6 inches in length and 0.25 ounces in weight. You just need to wait for a couple of weeks to begin the next trimester, which means you can get enough rest and go for vacation! 11 weeks pregnant means that a trip for a babymoon can be planned. The second trimester is when your pregnancy is getting more stable and the morning sickness is not haunting your anymore.

11 weeks pregnant symptoms

Basically, your body and mind will be still in a haywire phase. It seems pretty hard to feel calm in this week, considering the hormones are still doing their things. But it is also almost the end of the tunnel where your first trimester will be ended. The 11 weeks pregnant symptoms may include:

  • Fatigue is still on your cycle but you will get your energy back on the next trimester. However, if you can, you just need to sleep and rest. Do not forget to drink plenty of water even though it makes you pee over and over.
  • Nausea is still on your cycle too, since the morning sickness has always been a typical thing in the first trimester. Do not worry because you will get out of that zone in a couple of weeks later.
  • Pregnant mother also tends to be gassy. You may need to watch your diet or limit the consumption of anything that makes your body produces more gas such as fried foods, desserts, cabbages, and beans
  • Leg cramps would be on the list especially when you are sleeping. Enough intake of water could prevent the cramps and always stretch your body during the day. Make sure you eat enough magnesium and potassium
  • Skin darkening that happens in the center of your belly is included in the pregnancy course. It is hormonal and not permanent though.
  • Always wear your pantiliners because vaginal discharge may still be happening during this week of pregnancy.
    If you have twins, the symptoms might be doubled since the hormone levels are higher. Those are normal after all. Later, you will get back your energy and nausea will be gone in the next trimester. Just be patient.

11 Weeks Pregnant Belly

11 weeks pregnant Belly11 weeks pregnant belly will make you a bit gassy and bloating. It happens because the baby is welcoming a more advanced growth. However, the gassy tendency could become earlier if it is not the first time you get pregnant as well as if you have twins. While your belly is not changing significantly, you will notice how much your breasts grow. So this is why you need to shop for some new bras and make sure that those are comfy enough to accommodate your days. Another thing you need to know is that you will find that miscarriage makes your worry after this week. However, the risk of miscarriage become 3 percent lower once you have heard the heartbeat of your baby. The chance gets lower and lower from time to time after all.

11 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Your baby starts to move gracefully yet fluidly inside your belly. The baby’s body starts to form nail beds, hair follicles, and tooth buds during this week. 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show you the screen of the first trimester. The ultrasound is called an NTS or Nuchal Translucency Screening along with a blood test. The doctor would measure the back neck of your baby. The blood test will identify the risk of the chromosomal condition.

How big is a baby at 11 weeks?

Your baby is now as big as a lime when you are 11 weeks pregnant. The fetus size is about 1.6 inches in lengths and 0.25 ounces in weight. The baby’s body ratio will be 1:1 this week. Even though it sounds weird, it is going to change later as the baby grows in your tummy.

How many months?

This time you are already pregnant for two months and two weeks. A couple of weeks later, you will hit the 2nd-trimester pregnancy. You will also get your energy back, which makes traveling becomes really soothing and needed for you. The second trimester is the best time to get to travel because in the third trimester or 27 weeks pregnant you will be pretty tired. Pregnancy checklist at 11 weeks pregnant You may start shopping for other maternity clothes. Start to make a plan for your babymoon. Also, the baby registry can be started now so you can do other fun things
even though you are 11 weeks pregnant.

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